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Creators’Lounge is glad to share with you the following announcement regarding exclusive MUJI’s workshops.
We are proud to feature the members of  our creative community to those events as instructors.
If you too you want to share your knowledge and be a part of Creators’ Lounge’s project…
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Toronto – Mar. 31, 2015 – MUJI CANADA LIMITED is pleased to announce that MUJI Atrium Workshop Vol.2: GET READY FOR EASTER! was a real success.

Like in February, the registration for the second edition of monthly workshops was full in only few hours. Due to the success of the 1st edition, more seats have been opened up and this time, over 50 participants had the chance to experience MUJI’s values during this exclusive in-store event while learning how to make DIY Easter Designs on a tote bag.

During 2 sessions of workshop, the concept of simplicity and aesthetic inspired by Japanese lifestyle and philosophy, implemented to our everyday life, took on its full meaning.

About the instructor: Originally from Japan, Suharu Ogawa is a Toronto-based illustrator using acrylic to create humorous illustrations for magazines. She also enjoys doodling on restaurants’ napkins and loves to make paper animations with her Smartphone.

About MUJI:
MUJI, originally founded in Japan, sells a wide variety of household, apparel and food products since 1980. From its beginning, MUJI has been committed to streamlining processes, selection of materials and simplification of packaging to provide good quality products at reasonable prices. Addition to more than 385 MUJI stores in Japan now, 255 stores in other countries including Asia, Europe, and the USA.



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