Artist Name: YOSHI(Producer)
From: Toronto

YOSHI brought his passion and vision for creation from Tokyo to Toronto in 2009. He established himself as a go-to photographer in the community and soon established his own company Rainbow Pictures in 2010. His work focused on capturing and showcasing the vibrant underground night-life of Toronto’s entertainment scene.

YOSHI turned his attention to studio photography, working with designers and fashion houses. In addition, YOSHI began making promotional videos for fashion and runway shows. It was during this period when YOSHI began to experiment, mixing his love for music with visuals. Resulting in stunning 3D projection mapping visuals for bands and dj’s.

YOSHI worked with well-known artists such as
Dr.Draw, kLox, Gadfly, Noise Freqs and etc. YOSHI quickly gained attention and admiration for his ability to create and perform visuals in complete synchronicity with the music being performed. He followed up on his success by creating and hosting an event in conjunction with Creators’ Lounge called “Undiscovered”. This was an event designed to offer “total entertainment party” with 3D visuals, music and performances.

YOSHI started working as a director and a creator with JbyJ(a fresh perspective video production) in 2015. And he made many motion graphic video for the splash of style Toronto(Fashion show), Distractional.com(Car lifestyle media) and ROM museum Friday Night Live..etc.

His goal is to make big an international movement and inspirations with-through video and technology.
Gather UP, Let’s make something new :)


その傍ら、2010年からフォトグラファー『Rainbow Pictures』として活動し始める。パーティフォトグラファーから下積みを始め、アーティスト写真、ファッションショーのプロモビデオ、3Dマッピン グプロジェクションへとキャリアをステップアップ。

2013年からは、音楽と映像の完全合致を目的としてDJ,楽曲プロデュースも手掛け始め、Dr.Draw, Lina Fouro, Gadfly, Noise Freqsなど有名アーティスト、団体とコラボレーションし、作品を残す。

2014年にはCreators’ Loungeと一緒に音、映像、パフォーマンス、そして女体盛を合わせた前代未聞のイベント『UNDISCOVERED』 を創り、成功を収めた後、デザイナーGOODLUCQとして頭角を表しはじめる。

2015年には,fresh perspectiveビデオプロダクション「JbyJ」の立ち上げに参戦。その他、近年ではSplash of style Toronto(fashion show), ROM museum Friday Night Live, Distractional.com(Car lifestyle media)など、CG映像をメインにしたプロジェクトの作品制作,ディレクションを手がける。



MATSURI 2015— 3rd Toronto Japanese Summer Festival Official Video from YOSHI on Vimeo.