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Yohei76 has been working as a bassist and performing over a hundred lives in a half year throughout Japan.
After his band broke up, he started his career as a supporting musician and being involved in various music production.
He decided to go to Canada to broaden the range of activities, and helped starting up the original form of Creators’ Lounge with the current CEO, TOM. As he spends time in Canada, he met a variety of music and his career as a sound designer began. Now, he has been involved in the production of sound tracks and ambient music.

自身の活動の幅を広げるためカナダへ渡り、現Creators’ Lounge CEO TOMらと共に、Creators’ Loungeの原型を作る。
そこで出会う多様な音楽シーンに触れ、本格的にsound designerとしての活動を開始する。現在はサウンドトラックや、環境音楽などの制作にも携わる。