Takaomi Yoshida

Takaomi Yoshida(Director)
From:Osaka, Japan
Web page: http://www.takaomi-crisis.com/

Takaomi Yoshida is a movie director mainly for music video.
And he also directs stage videos such as projection mapping and interactive movie with transparent screen.
He directed a music video and stage effects for “Nitza Melas”, who is a singer from Montreal, because she recognized his ability when he was a student of college.
He is making a wide range of creative works such as Direction, Shooting, Editing, VFX and CGI design, Photography, Color grading, Programming and Songwriting with his variety of skills.
At “Sakura Experience in Haru Matsuri at JCCC”, which was praised highly by many people, he was a creative director to make the interactive digital attractions that are called “Sakura’s Voice” and “Interactive Wagakki”.
As a VJ, he makes the audience excited at his play with movies that focus on Japanese anime and pop culture.

Music Videoを中心に様々な映像を制作している映像ディレクター。プロジェクションマッピングや透明スクリーンによるインタラクティブ映像演出なども手がける。
モントリオール出身のシンガー、Nitza Mela氏に実力を評価され、専門学校在学中に彼女のMusic Videoおよび舞台演出を手がけた。

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