Static Gold

From: Canada

STATIC GOLD: Highly & Positively Charged Energy for The Soul

A sharp trio bonded in Montreal by passion and a desire to create refined, accessible music is the core of Static Gold. Samuel Chaco Kohn, Daniel Pombo and Zaynab “Zaya” Solange bring forth a new brand of Pop | Electro | Funk music with a rocking edge!

“Static Gold is definitely living up to its name; their live performances are beyond electrifying and their energy surges into the crowd” – The Main Montreal

Surrounding itself with talented musicians, the ensemble has performed with local and international bands alike, such as Busty & The Bass, Sidewalk Chalk, and Grammy Award nominees Jarabe de Palo.

Their new Single “Keep Me in Mind” is now out!

洗練された音楽を創造したいという情熱と渇望から、個性的なトリオがモントリオールで生まれた。心に浸透していく音、それがStatic Goldの特徴。
Samuel Chaco Kohn, Daniel Pombo, Zaynab “Zaya” Solangeが織り成す、Pop, Electro, Funkの融合。

“Static Goldはその名に相応しい…彼らのライブパフォーマンスは感動を超え、エネルギーがオーディエンスに押し寄せてくる” – The Main Montreal

彼らの周りには才能溢れるミュージシャン達が取り巻き、Busty & The Bass、Sidewalk Chalk、Grammy Award nominees Jarabe de Paloといった地元だけでなく世界を股にかけるようなバンドと共演を続けている。
彼らの新しいシングル”Keep Me in Mind”が発売中。