Sean1+Photo by Nikki Kennedy

Sean2+Photo by Hector Vasquez

Sean3+Photo by Emily Trinh

Artist Name: Sean Caff(DJ)
From: Toronto
Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Club, Pop, Soul, Funk, House, UK Garage, Bass, Trap & Twerk.

Toronto based DJ Caff loves to play music. Comfortable and confident playing Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, House, Pop, EDM and Rock’n’Roll, he is able to mix between genres or simply stay in the same lane.

His versatility can be seen when looking through the list of performers he’s shared bills with, such as Diplo, Grandtheft, deadmau5, Torro Torro, Bonjay, Dj Gorky (Bonde Do Role), Tittsworth, Kenny Ken, Vilify, Poirier, Thunderheist,, Dj Annalyze, Vitamins4you, Adam Bomb,Teki Latex, Dj Orgasmik, LOL Boyz, Dj Illo, Dj Drastik, Marcus Visionary, AIII (Azarii & III), Neoteric, Dj Law, Cosmo Baker, Nick Catchdubs, Uproot Andy, Li Saumet (Bomba Estéreo), Lido Pimienta, Thomas White, Snails, Thornato, Marco Morales, Matt Roan, Swaggle Rock, Shooter McNappin, Buzz Trillington, Thrizzo and more.

Currently Caff has notable monthly events including Good Kids’ “Motown Party” at 751 and “Y2K: A Millennium Dance Party” at The Drake Hotel, as well as his own “Party Machine” at The Drake Hotel (Hip Hop, RnB & Club) and Ignition at Crawford (R&B, Rap, Dancehall and New Jack Swing)


トロントを拠点に活動するDJ Caffは、ヒップホップ、R&B、ソウル、ファンク、レゲエ、ハウス、ポップ・ミュージック、EDM、ロックといった幅広いジャンルを横断し、ひとつのミックスとしてプレイするマルチDJ。

Caffはこれまで、Diplo, Grandtheft, deadmau5, Torro Torro, Bonjay, Dj Gorky (Bonde Do Role)などといった、多くのパフォーマーとのコラボレーションをするなどこれまでマルチな才能を発揮してきた。

なお、Caffはトロントの有名ホテルThe Drake Hotelにて、Motown Party、A Millennium Dance Partyといったマンスリーイベントにレギュラー出演。また、同ホテルにてParty Machine(Hip Hop, RnB & Club)や、Ignition at Crawford (R&B, Rap, Dancehall and New Jack Swing)では自らホストを務めトロントの夜を沸かしている。

Translated by Takahiro Sasahara