Rio Matsuzawa

From:Toronto (CANADA)

Rio Matsuzawa is a Japanese Canadian Beatboxer who grew up in the suburbs of Mississauga; he attended an arts high school (Cawthra Park) studying sax, guitar, piano, and singing. After graduation he went to the University of Toronto to pursue Theatre and music. After experiencing many musical genres and performances, Rio has realized Beatboxing was his true callings.

Rio has been beatboxing for 5 years, and within those 5 years he was able to climb up to become one of Canada’s top 16 beatboxers competing in the Canadian Beatbox Championships in 2013. Besides the many bar gigs and artist collaborations he has also worked with Onoscatopeia and T.B.A which are both acappella groups located in Toronto.

Beats. Love. Happiness.

Rio Matsuzawaはオンタリオ州南部に位置するミシサガの郊外で育った日系カナダ人のビートボクサー。アートの高校(Cawthra Park)にてサックス、ギター、ピアノ、歌を学ぶ。高校卒業後、演劇と音楽を追求するためトロント大学へ入学。数々の音楽ジャンルとパフォーマンスを経験したのち、ビートボックスが彼にとって本当の天職だと確信する。


Beats. Love. Happiness.

Translate by Takahiro Sasahara from Creators’ Lounge