Yoshida Nao
From: Japan

A Twin BMX professional rider, who represents Yokohama.
Nao came across BMX with his elder twin brother when they were 15 years old. They used to ride MTB, but wheelie and drift driving caused trouble. They started to look for a new bicycle and found out about BMX. They were brought under the spell of BMX and decided to set out to be a professional rider after they graduate high school. Nao took advantage of his speedy riding skill with his unique back work spin, and had been promoted to a professional class after he became an annual Expert Class champion for King of Ground All-Japan Championship in 2009. And then he made a remarkable accomplishment of winning the third prize for the professional class. He was ranked second in Japan in 2014, and aiming to top the list now. Not only a BMX rider but Nao is also an artist. He is excel at watercolor painting and creates pieces of works that describes centrifugal force and flow, which is inspired from BMX. He had a personal exhibition “Flat world” at Grassroots in Yokohama in 2011, and after that he was chosen among 100 artists to hold his solo exhibition at the artist contest in New York. He currently belongs to one of the best art theatrical company in Japan and works at the scene of art representation.

横浜を代表する双子の BMX プロライダー
15 才より双子の兄・幸生と共に BMX に出会う。
当時乗っていた MTB はウィリーやドリフトが原因で故障してしまう。 そこで新たな自転車を探していると BMX という存在を知る。 その魅力に取り付かれ、高校卒業と共にプロの道を目指す。 スピード感のあるライディングと独自のバックワーズスピンを武器にして、 2009 年全日本選手権 King of Ground エキスパートクラス 年間優勝と共に プロクラス昇格。同大会にてプロクラス 3 位入賞という快挙を成し遂げる。 2014 年には全日本ランキング2位を獲得し、現在は日本一を目標に活動中。 BMX 選手としての一面のみならずアーティストとしての活動も行う。 水彩画を得意として、BMX から感じた遠心力や流れを表現した作品を作る。 2011年横浜 Grassroots にて個展『Flat world』を行い、その後ニューヨークの アートコンテストで 100 名の中から選ばれて個展を行う。 現在は日本を代表する芸術劇団へ所属し、美術制作の現場で活動中。