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Mui-Ling Teh


Mui-Ling Teh is an artist, photographer and poet based in Canada. She produces art both traditionally and digitally through a variety of mediums; but at present she is best known for her miniature origami.

Previously, Mui-Ling only used her miniature origami as photography props, which she sometimes combined with her poetry. In 2014, she began incorporating her folded miniatures into glass bottles; often accompanied with inspirational words or messages. At the same time, she began participating in events where she sold her creations; and as of June 2014, her creations have been made available at a local art shop in Toronto.

Mui-Ling exhibited her art in a few shows as a high school student, and studied architecture in university. She worked in an architecture firm upon her graduation, but decided to leave the practice in 2012 in order to pursue her artistic dreams. Since then she has been creating more art works, writing more poetry, and began exhibiting her works in public exhibitions and private art shows.

Mui-Ling’s art varies in style and technique; and regardless of what she presents, it is clear that she finds meaning and inspiration from small details or moments that many overlook.

Mui-Ling Theはカナダを拠点にするアーティスト、フォトグラファー、作詩家。多岐にわたる媒体を通して、伝統的かつデジタルなスタイルでプロデュースをするのが特徴で、現在はミニチュアの折紙作品で最も知られている。




Translated by Takahiro Sasahara