Creators' Lounge:Miray

Creators' Lounge:Miray



Miray’s draws inspiration from genres including Jazz (Dianne Reeves, Molly Johnson) Motown soul (Whispers, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire) and old school R&B as well as vintage synthpop and jpop (Tommy February)—yet her greatest musical influence continues to be her parents.

As for Miray’s music, like her multicultural background it is quite difficult to label her songs into a single category. Her style fuses elements of 70’s and 80’s motown and synthpop, cleverly calling her songs as ‘Mopop.’ Miray’s creative approach in songwriting reflects the interesting environment she was raised in, for her artistic expression combines the beauty and subtle nuance of the east, with the bold excitement of the west. In her music, Miray wishes to share her experience —in both English and Japanese—and her global mindset in the hope that she will connect with a wide range of audiences around the world, while representing herself as an artist without borders.

ミレイのインスピレーションは、Dianne Reeves やMolly Johnsonと言ったジャズや、Whispers、Stevie Wonder、Earth Wind and Fireといったモータウン系ソウル、そしてオールドスクールR&B、ビンテージシンセポップやJ-popから引き出されたものであるが、一番の影響はやはり彼女の両親からのものである。