Name: ミクロミカ(MIKURO MIKA)
From: Japan
genre: Singer / Songwriter

MIKURO MIKA is a singer-songwriter from Japan.

This creative talent grew up in a small town just north of Tokyo, but she has spent the last 10 years making a name for herself in the famous fashion capital of Asia, Harajuku. She is well known for her unique style and is an idol amongst many young and impressionable Japanese youth.

Being a fashionista is just a cover for her amazing and unique voice. She has performed all over Japan, in New York, and is now in Toronto to get inspiration to create her first album.
She is able to sing a variety of genres and she gets a lot of her inspiration from her fans and also connecting with people from all over the world. Her voice is young, sweet and sexy!

That’s where Mika currently is, but her hopes and dreams all started when she found out she had cancer last year. Once diagnosed with colon cancer, she decided not to waste another minute of her life and to pursue her hopes and dreams to create her first album with people from all over the world.
Her cancer is now in remission and she is excited to meet new people, sing with other people, and share your passion for life with the world. Please share in the excitement as Mika makes her dreams come true.

シンガーソングライターとしての活動以外にもハンドメイドジュエリーブランド『3CROLAND』(called:mikuro land)の展開、イラストレーターとしての顔も持つ。