Artist name: Kevin BaeKevin2

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From: South Korea
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Kevin Bae develops drawing and painting to explore human forms. He explores them in search of gestures and structures. His works show the residues of moment and presence, tracing the unprecedented life event. He takes the visual information that consist layers of moment with an understanding of the form and structure.

Kevin Baeは人間のdrawingとpaintingを人の外観を描くため、「ジェスチャー」や「構造」の研究に基づいて技術を磨く。希有な人生上の出来事を探し出し、「瞬間」と「存在」の余韻を表現。「外観」と「構造」の理解とともに、瞬間のレイヤーにこだわったヴィジュアル情報を提示。