Creators' Lounge: Keiko Abe

Keiko Abe


I was born and grew up in one of the well-off countries.
As I entered my adulthood, I came to doubt the way of my life.
From then on, I began struggling with my ego, greed and feeling of guilt for the higher standard of living I had taken for granted.
Although my struggle has not ended yet, I have come to a realization that my life can have meanings by the pleasure of sharing and using my abilities for others.

Once when I was traveling through Asian countries, I became deeply fascinated with traditional and artistic patterns passed down among the small tribes and natives in these countries.
Triggered by them, I began to further explore tribal and traditional fabrics, embroideries, tattoos and jewelries in the world.
I eventually gravitated toward the sacred beauty held in them.
At the same time, I realized that these long cherished traditions were gradually being abandoned by the locals even though some of them were actually facing danger of extinction.
Shifting their interests to modern cultures, the locals were becoming apathetic about their own traditions. In my mind, this reality overlapped the deterioration of nature on the earth caused by our own modernization and globalization.
Then, as an artist from the younger generation, I found that it may be meaningful to preserve these histories and traditions by reinterpreting and revitalizing them through art.

I acknowledge that I am not one of those highly skilled artists. However, instead, I derive inspiration from the sacred beauty existing in these legacies and weave as much kindness, gratefulness and hope coming out of myself into my process of creating art as possible.

My journey to creating art and utilizing the profits form my art works for those in need has now begun.

To devote myself to art without any monetary incentive is an essential part of my art.
It always reveals to me beautiful things incomparable to any monetary rewards.

A lot of flowers for your life.