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Jw Pang

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JW Pang is an award winning Toronto based illustrator that graduated form OCAD University. His full name is Junwang Pang. In Chinese, “Jun” means honesty and “Wang” means hope, which explains his hard work ethic and persistence while pursuing his dreams. His works have been published in CMYK Magazine and Creative Quarterly. Furthermore, he was one of the finalists that competed in Art Battle for the 2013 National Championship.

Jw Pang is a Toronto based illustrator who push himself hard in image making. He likes to combine analogue medium and digital medium to create the most interesting image and he continues to explore new ways to combine those two mediums.

Jw Pang はトロントを拠点に活動しているイラストレーターで作品を創る事に対して努力を怠らない。彼は何よりもおもしろいイラストを描くために、アナログ媒体とデジタル媒体を組み合わせる事が好きで、 これら2つの媒体を組み合わせる新しい方法をまだ模索し続けている。