John Orpheus

John Orpheus

The Molasses Soul Band, the new unit led by musical chameleon and renaissance man John Orpheus, is set to unleash its potent hip-hop/pop/rock barrage.
The Toronto-based Orpheus is best known as the former front man of The Hippy Mafia, the group conceived by Happy Mondays drummer Gaz Whelan and other figures in the Madchester scene, who served as Beady Eye’s European and North American tour mates.
Orpheus (in his former guise) has also been a member of Canadian singer/songwriter Danny Michel’s band, two-time JUNO Award nominee Alysha Brilla’s band, and fronted his own rap metal outfit Jen Militia. Prior to forming the Molasses Soul Band, he produced a film and accompanying album, both entitled John Orpheus Is Dead, and published Molasses, his first work of fiction.
“The experience of being a part of The Hippy Mafia changed me dramatically,” he says. “John Orpheus came out of that in part because I’d been thinking a lot about something Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ After a while, John Orpheus just became me. I grew into that skin.”
He adds, “I’ve been on a journey, and now I’m back to where I started, musically, geographically, and emotionally.”
The Molasses Soul Band’s winter 2016 residency at Toronto nightspot The Painted Lady will find them performing material from their in-the-works debut album. More to come!

The Molasses Soul Bandは新しい編成で音楽的カメレオンとなった。
多才なJohn Orpheusはヒップホップ、ポップス、ロックなどを色彩として表現している。
トロントをベースに活動しているOrpheusはThe Hippy Mafiaの元フロントマンとして知られている。グループとしてはHappy Mondaysのドラマーで、Beady Eye’s European で北米ツアーを周ったGaz Whelanを連想させる。マッドチェスターシーンと表現するのもいいかもしれない。
2016年冬、The Molasses Soul Bandの拠点はトロント、ナイトクラブThe Painted Lady。現在デビューアルバムを構築中で、そこでパフォーマンスを重ねている。ぜひ一見してもらえればと思う。