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Everyone calls him the unofficial ambassador of Japan.
A title well-deserved considering JOE TAMKO’s incredible path : starting in Japan as a Talento on a Regular Prime time TV show, and then as a representative for renowned artists such as DIR EN GREY, JOE TAMKO has carried out his passion for Japan throughout Europe and North America for more than 20 years,  designing outstanding events and opportunities to share his love for Japanese Pop culture in multiple ways.
He co-founded the association who conceived Japan Expo in Paris, created J FEST, the very first Japanese pop culture festival in Montreal and has recently launched EZ JAPAN, a youtube channel full of tips and advices on how to better interact with Japanese people through understanding their culture.
On a more artistic level, JOE TAMKO has scored two amazing years in 2013 and 2014 as a fashion designer and a DJ.
He hosted the J FEST in Montreal as DJ KAMI, bringing a new sound with his bold remixes of J-POP and K-POP.
As a Fashion Designer, under the name of KAMISAMA, he collaborated with JACK OF ALL TRADES, the No.1 apparel company in Canada for Marvel and DC licensed T-shirts, to create an exclusive
KIRIE inspired (切り絵 / the Japanese art of papercutting) women collection  performing his custom cut design. He appeared in several live performances, workshops and fashion shows at The Montreal convention center and designed creations for the actresses of X-MEN: Days of Future Past during their Montreal shooting.

“日本非公式大使”の名を持つJOE TAMKOの活躍は、日本でのゴールデンTV番組のタレント活動にとどまらない。パリでのJapan Expo共同設立、モントリオールでのJ FEST創設、最近ではYouTubeチャンネル”EZ JAPAN”の配信など、ヨーロッパや北米の至るところにて、日本のポップカルチャー愛を共有する場を、20年以上もの間様々なかたちで提供している。