House Gorilla aka Ryosuke Kikuchi (DJ, Composer,Remixer) From Japan

House DJ. Started DJing in 2006. He played Hip Hop and R&B at the beginning of his career as a DJ. As he got to know about Black Music, he recognized the depth of House Music and it’s Groove, which is different from Hip Hop. And then he gradually went deeply into House Music. In 2014, he released two remix tracks from an underground label, “Rudeloops”.

House DJ。2006年DJ活動開始。活動開始初期はHip Hop・R&BをPlay。Black Musicを知って行く中でHouse Musicの奥深さとHip Hopとは違うGroove感を知り徐々にHouse Musicの方に傾向して行く。2014年、Underground Label “Rudeloops”からRemixを2曲リリース。