Hiro Hayashi
from salon bespoke

In 1998, Hiro’s hairdressing career began in his home country of Japan. After he completed hair-cutting classes at Vidal Sassoon Academy, he chose Toronto as his first step towards a global career in hairstyling. By 2003, Hiro started working at TONI&GUY Toronto and it didn’t take him long to become a top stylist at the salon. It is at TONI&GUY where he was promoted to Creative Director/Educator and gained experience travelling to the U.S for education and inspiration. In 2008, Hiro was awarded the TONI&GUY title of Top 10 Hairstylists in North America. In 2011, Opened salon bespoke with 3 other partners from TONI&GUY.

名古屋出身。日本国内のサロン数店舗を経て渡加。若い頃から憧れた、NYの有名サロンやVidal Sassoonからの誘いを断り、世界中に展開するサロンTONI&GUY(トロント店)へ就職。1年目から著名人の担当や撮影等も経験し、一躍トップスタイリストへ。その後、日本帰国や中米滞在を経て、再び、トロントのTONI&GUYへ復帰。クリエイティブディレクターとして活躍し、北米TOP10も受賞。2011年にsalon bespokeをオープン。今現在も、サロンワークを中心に著名人のヘア担当やセミナー講師としても活躍中。

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