Hayato Hori HOLHY (painter)
From Japan
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Holhy is from Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, born in 1983. The themes of his pieces are “circulation” and “mystery” .
His pieces are a mixture of classic Japanese pattern and geometric pattern restructured into a new geometric pattern based on the golden ratio of five to eight and
the golden spiral, which are the figures referred to as the eternal beauty. He takes part in various activities such as exhibiting his works, painting walls for hotels, cafes,
and skateboard parks, doing street art and being a designer.
Holhy held his first overseas personal exhibition in Portland, the United States. Taking a cue from this first international exhibition, he stretches showcases of his outputs,
from home and abroad, in New York City, Los Angels, Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, Milano, and Tokyo.

日本国石川県小松市出身、1983 年生まれ。
NY,LA, PORTLAND, MILANO ,LONDON, AMSTERDAM, VANCOUVER, TORONT, 東京、京都等、国内外様々な土地で、1 年ごとに旅をしながら、作品を発表。日本最大のロックフェスティバル、FUJIROCK FESTIVAL、朝霧jam へのLivepainting Show の出演から、NIKE Italy にてCM 出演、Element skateboard Japan との壁画制作やNY Bushwick 地区での壁画制作。
近年は、石川県伝統工芸品九谷焼とのコラボレーションやドキュメンタリー番組でのTV インタビュー出演、ラジオ、トークショーなどでも活動の幅を広げている。

Hayato Holi HOLHY