Creators' Lounge: has
Artist Name: has (DJ)
Genres: electro, house, trap, jersey club, rock, disco.

He belongs to a group called FLIGHT TOKYO as a DJ and plans events in Tokyo. His main style of music is BASS music such as Trap, Dubstep, Jersey Club and Juke-Footwor. He also plays Rock and J-Pop. He has experienced gigs in various venues such as bars, restaurants and night clubs. His aim is to “charm the world”.

クリエイティブレーベル【FLIGHT TOKYO】に所属し、都内を中心にDJ、イベント企画を手がける。Disco, House, Electro, Technoなどの4つ打ちのDance Musicから Trap, Dubstep, Jersey Club, Juke-FootworkなどのBASS MUSIC。時にはROCKやJ-POPまで様々なジャンルをプレイ。クラブだけでなくバーやレストランでのプレイなど様々な経験を持つ。