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“MASTAMYST is a interdimensional being who’s ability to create spawns from a deep need to express emotions through ideas”

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst

Can you tell us about the origin of your name “MASTAMYST”

I started MASTAMYST because I’ve always seen myself as the master of being mischievous. I had to spell it different because I went to Young Mission, and they had a bead making session to make a bracelet, but they didn’t have the proper letters. I had to spell it MYTSGYVIOUS. It was “Masta Mystgyvious (Mastar of Mischief),” but then I dropped it, so now it’s just MASTAMYST.

What inspired you to your works?

Basically, when I was fifteen, I met this kid Matt Goldsmith. And it’s funny because he knew all this stuff that I didn’t know, I didn’t know about everything I do now. Everything I know now, he introduced me to, or at least showed me. He was like “Yo man, you should rap.” I was good at poetry and stuff, but I didn’t care about it. Mostly I wanted to skateboard. It was because of him that I got into skateboarding. He showed me Del the Funky Homosapien and he taught me how to kick flip and other skateboarding tricks, and from there I just flew with it. The first board I ever rode was like an old school fishtail board, so that’s what I skate now, to pay homage to what I learned to skate on. I can skate short deck, but I like the old school boards better. I never really rapped, at first I was more into poetry. There’s this cat, ‘Spinloo’, and he had these poetry sessions. I was like fifteen at the time, and I went to that. I started practicing my lyrical prowess more so than being a rapper. Knowing how to use those words to emote my feelings and get my message across, more with emotions that I can put behind the words than the words themselves. From there, I was able to compel myself to rap more. I don’t really care for rap though. Most people don’t really have an intrinsic message, it’s mostly about what their monetary device is, and I don’t care about that because I don’t care about monetary device. My music tries to come from a place that more has to do with my personal feelings about my emotions. It’s rare to see in music, especially on a level that we’re trying to.

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst

How long does it take to write lyrics?

It all depends. Most of my lyrics come from conversations. If something really catchy comes up in conversation, I’ll remember it and play with it and see if I can songify addages that I’ve heard. Mostly the times when I’ve written my best lyrics are when I’m in a time of high stress. Sometimes it takes ten seconds and the lyrics are just there, and sometimes it takes 3, 4, 5, 6 hours. Sometimes I don’t write for 6 or 7 months, I’m just experiencing life. All of that comes together in my mind, and I filter it into a poem.

Can you tell us about your beatmaking?

The first time I beatboxed I was like three, and I beatboxed Whinnie the Pooh. My mom always had vinyl, I remember my favorite record at the time was Madonna’s Angel. From there, as an adult, I love collecting and sampling vinyl. I don’t care for sampling mp3, although I don’t have a choice. A lot of the time I go out of my way to buy the record that I want, that way you get that analog contact in the sample, which is way more important to me, especially if I’m making hip hop because it’s supposed to have that resonance – at least I want it to have that resonance. It’s all about getting the original live sound. Sampling from mp3, I’ve done it and it’s stupid and I don’t like it. It peaks, it cracks, it’s not good. To actually compose the beat. But like, I don’t really have my hand in the techniques around engineering the actual sound. I’m more like a conductor and a composer and an arranger than am engineer. I always make my best beats when I have someone to sharpen my iron off of. People I work with are like, Chris Ack, I work with this dude Skid Mickey, he’s sick, those are mostly the two people. I’ve been waiting to work with this dude Kahn, he’s my cousin and he makes beats but I’ve just been living my life. Music is fun and all but I want it to be on an intrinsic level where it happens naturally. I’d rather it be like, “this is the perfect time,” like the vibration is there. I hate trying to force my vibration with my music. Music is all about monetizing and monopolizing off of people’s musical selves, and I can’t make music that has that intent. To try to get famous or try to get popular with my music, I’d rather my music travel socially. I hate promoting my music, because that plays into trying to profit off of it. My music’s priceless so fuck trying to make money off it. If people like it enough, and I’m performing and it’s like five bucks and I’m doing it live and people want to pay five bucks for it, that’s fair. But I’m not going to try to make digital copies and make people pay for it, I’ll give it away for free. You listen to it, you like it, you use it as you please. Mostly I would want to burn CDs and sell them to the people I know hand to hand. I’d rather have my locale be about me than spread it to the world, because if I can get where I’m from, you’ll be about me. I’m not trying to force it.

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst

I use this analogy: people need to not masturbate in public. I see all these people promoting themselves, and that’s cool if that’s what you want to do, but I don’t want to be remembered for force feeding people with my bullshit. Especially if they don’t like it. Id rather people be attracted to me and find me. People like to find shit. People don’t like shit being forced in their face all the time. The chase is always better than the catch, right?

I also don’t like to perform all the time. If I do, and you’re there, you get to experience it and that’s what it’s about, it’s not about how many likes you have on Facebook. I make sure anyone who follows me, I follow them back, on principle. And if I like you, I’ll follow you. It’s about acknowledgment and reciprocation of affection. That’s how you build a true fanbase. Acknowledging them and reciprocating the energy they show you. Maybe one day I will get famous, but I don’t give a fuck. Id rather just be alive and drink beer and hang out and be happy. I’ve experienced some near death experiences in the last little bit, and I got through them completely unscathed, by the hand of god. So I’m just like my life is already written, this is fate, I’ll do what the fuck I want good or bad. You don’t necessarily do something good and get a good result, and you don’t necessarily do something bad and get a bad result. I just do what’s right. Sometimes, some people will say what I’m doing is wrong, but I know for me it was what needed to be done, even if I didn’t want to do it. It’s just about doing whatever the fuck you want. But like, I make sure what I’m doing is for the betterment of the collective conscience on an intrinsic level. Mostly things like defending my community, and sacrificing myself to try to make it a better place. Some people hate me for that, I don’t give a fuck. I still do what I need to do for the collective conscience. To make the world better than how I found it. That’s what I’m here for – but right now, I’m just here.


“MASTAMYST はアイデアを通して感情を表現する深い造詣から作品をつくる唯一無二の存在”

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst


俺の名義Masta Mystは、自分自身をやんちゃなやつとして常に考えていたから始めたんだ。Young Missionっていう玉つなぎのブレスレットをつくるワークショップがあって、ちゃんとした文字が足りなくてMYTSGYVIOUSってスペルにしなきゃならなかった。それはMasta Mystgyvious (Mastar of Mischief:いたずらマスター)を意味していたんだけど、そこから文字を削ぎ落としてMASTAMYSTになったんだ。


15歳の時にMatt Goldsmithっていうやつに会ったんだ。彼は俺が知らなかったことを全部知っていて、俺は今やっていること(ビート、ラップ、スケート)を当時全然知らなかった。そのことについて今俺は知っているけど、彼が紹介して見せてくれた。彼は“Yo man, you should rap”って言ったんだ。俺は詩とかそういう類いのものが得意だったけど、それについて全然気にしてなかった。実際のところ俺はスケートがやりたかった。俺がスケートにのめり込んだのは彼がきっかけで、Del the Funky Homosapienを見せてくれて、キック・フリップとか他のトリックのやり方を教えてくれたんだ。そしてそこからスケートを続けているよ。一番最初にスケートボードに乗ったのは、オールド・スクールなフィッシュテール・ボードで、それが今乗っているタイプのやつ。俺がスケートをすることを学んだものに対して敬意を払うためにね。ショート・デッキも乗れるけど、俺はオールド・スクールな板の方が好きだよ。 実際にはラップをしたことがなかったんだけど、最初はポエトリーの方が興味があった。Spinlooというやつがいてポエトリーのセッションがあったんだ。その時俺は15歳くらいでそれに行ったんだけど、ラッパーになるよりもどちらかと言えば歌詞の腕を磨くことを始めた。自分のフィーリングを表現する言葉を知っていたし、言葉そのものより言葉の裏にあるものを大事にしたんだ。そこからもっとラップをするようにしていったよ。でもラップに関してはそこまで気にしていないかな。ほとんどの人は本質的なメッセージを実際もってなくて、ほとんどは金儲けする術は何かということで、俺はそんなことは興味が無いし気にしないよ。俺の音楽は自分の感情についてフィーリングをもっと表現しなきゃならないっていう考えから生まれるんだ。俺たちがトライしているレベルの音楽では特に出会うのは珍しいよ。

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst




3歳くらいのときに初めてビートボックスをしていて、“Whinnie the Pooh”をやった。 俺のママはヴァイナルをもっていて、当時俺が大好きだったレコードはマドンナ(Madonna)の“Angel”だったことを覚えている。大人になってからはヴァイナルを集めたりサンプリングすることが好きだね。サンプルのチョイスを持ってなかったとしても、サンプリング用mp3は興味ない。曲の中でサンプルとして使う好きなレコードを買いに出かける時間というのは俺にとって凄く重要なものだよ。味わい深さを持たせなきゃならないからHIPHOPをつくっているんだしね。少なくとも俺は味わい深さを持たせたいんだ。サンプルは全部オリジナルな生きたサウンドになっていく。mp3からサンプリングしたこともあるけど、あれはばかばかしいよ。好きじゃないね。音割れるするし良くない。ビートを構築することに関して言うと、実はエンジニアリング関係のテクニックは無いんだ。俺はどちらかというとエンジニアというよりは指揮者、作曲家、編曲家だね。切磋琢磨できる誰かがいるときはいつだって最高のビートをつくる。一緒に作業する人たちはChris Ack、Skid Mickeyという2人。あとはKahnっていうやつと作業するのをずっと待っていて、俺のいとこなんだ。彼もビートをつくるけどまだできていないな。音楽は面白くて俺にとってのすべてだけど、自然に生まれてくる音楽をやっていきたいよ。“これが最高の瞬間だ!”とか“バイブレーションがきた!”って思いたい。自分のバイブレーションを音楽に無理矢理落とし込もうとするのは嫌いなんだ。音楽は金儲けと音楽を独占することでもちきりで、俺はそういう趣旨の音楽はつくれないよ。有名になるためとか人気になるためじゃなくて、俺の音楽は旅をするんだ。利益を得ることに執着してしまうから音楽をプロモーションすることは嫌いなんだ。俺の音楽はプライスレスでお金を生み出そうとすることをぶっつぶすぜ。俺の音楽が好きだったら5ドルくらいでパフォーマンスするし、それに対してお客さんが5ドル払いたい。それがフェアだよね。でも俺はデジタル楽曲をつくって皆にお金を払わせることはしないよ。無料で配るよ。聴いてもらって好きなように使って欲しい。CDを焼いて知っている人に手配りで売ることができるかもしれないけど。自分の曲を世界に広げるというよりは、自分の周りに留めておきたい。俺のいる街でゲットできれば、俺についてきてくれる。それを強制はしないよ。

Creators' Lounge: Masta Myst


Article in English: Monolith Coffeey
Deadbeat Entertainment Co-Founder. iPorta Corp. Senior Production Specialist.

Designer: Anna Yamaguchi
It is quietly there like the plant that buds from the seed.Graphic designer & llustrator who begins to spin the impression gotten from the one to feel the color.

Interviewer, Photographer & Coordinator: Jumpei Komura
鹿児島県出身。トロント在住。Creators’ Lounge Editorのほか、JPC Works名義で映像メディア、「the background」の運営やアーティストMVの制作、PHOTO ZINEの制作等幅広く活動中。

Main Interviewer, Editor & Writer: Takahiro Sasahara
北海道東神楽町出身。トロント在住。Creators’ Lounge Editor/Writerとして国内外アーティストのインタビューなど、音楽関連記事を中心にウェブ・コンテンツを発信中。

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