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By Creators’ Lounge staff Shoya Ichimura


On May 1st, an art party was held to kick off the event of TKFF (Toronto Korean Film Festival), that will be held between May 26 to May 31st. There were many active Toronto artsits of various genres that participated in this event in the expectations of a successful lauch of this years TKFF. I was able to see upclose the works of participating artists along with being entertained by live performances of bands and live painting.

From Creators’ Lounge, 5 artists participated in the event. Using back, red and grey pens with a hint of white as painting tools was artist Dan. Works of miniature arts made from origami was artist Mui-Ling. Live performances that excited the audience were presented by Ken, ILL Percent and DJ KAMI. Ken played his electric guitar while images were projected. ILL Percent is a rapper who will release his new album on May 30. DJ KAMI has created an original style that remixed J-Pop and K-Pop together.

It is the first time in 4 years that TKFF has lauched an Art Party, in hopes that this parties energy will bring forth a bright future to TKFF. Not only just film, but this will definitely put a light on the arts scene in Toronto as well.








5月26日から5月31日に行われるTKFF(Toronto Korean Film Festival)のキックオフイベントとなるArt partyが5月1日に行われた。このイベントにはトロントで活動している様々なジャンルのアーティストが参加し、TKFFの成功を期待させてくれるような素晴らしいパーティーだった。参加アーティストが出展している作品を間近で見ることができた。またライブペインティングやバンドによる演奏などのライブパフォーマンスも行われ観客楽しませてくれた。

Creaters’ Loungeからはブラック、レッド、グレーのペンを少量のホワイトとともに絵を描くDan、小さい折り紙で作品を作るMui-lingが作品を出展し注目を浴びていた。ライブパフォーマンスではプロジェクターで映像を写しながらギターを演奏するKen、5月30日にニューアルバムをリリースするラッパーILL Percent、日本と韓国の音楽を合わせた独自のスタイル確立しているDJ KAMIによるプレイで会場を沸かせた。

TKFF開催4年目にはじまったArt party、このエネルギーは今後のTKFFに繋がっていくだろう。映画だけでなく、トロントのアートシーンを盛り上げていくに違いない。

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TKKF - ART PARTY featuring CL Artists

Creators and Art Lovers,

Creators’ Lounge is really proud and excited to announce a partnnership with the Toronto Korean Film Festival. This festival a great initiative for independent film makers releated to the Korean culture and community.
CL Artist will feature TKFF’s Art Party and Creators’Lounge will support TKFF in terms of promotion.

==== TKFF 2015 Art Party: A Midsummer’s Fantasia ====

What: Art exhibition/market, live music and performances, video presentations, flea market, screen painting, beer

Browse an amazing selection of artwork by over twenty emerging artists. If you love what you see, then great – some of them are up for sale too. Scour through second-hand treasures and trinkets in our mini flea market. Kick back with some beer and bop along to live performances, presented to you by local musicians. Or just literally happen to stroll by as we’ll be seconds away from Bloor St. West, towards the heart of K-Town between Bathurst and Christie.

+ Bring an old t-shirt or a bag to design at our screen printing table; or make your own!
+ Bring your ID for beer
+ Bring your friends for fun

Proceeds will go to featured artists and to the programming and launch of TKFF’s 4th annual film festival in May 2015.

Creators’ Lounge featured Artists:

Mui-Ling Teh

Dan Sadaba

ILL Percent (일퍼센)

SPOTS (Ken Murphy)
(Musician / Visual artist)

(DJ, Fashion Designer)


+ – + – ABOUT TKFF – + – +

Toronto Korean Film is a non-profit organization that aims to present authentic Korean cinema to the Canadian community with the mission ‘To Advance Diversity Through Korean Cinema’. With Korean film as our platform, our vision is highly community-oriented and all for advancing diversity in culture and the arts.

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Event Information

May 1, 2015
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Event Category:


Beit Zatoun
612 Markham St.
Toronto, ON M6G 2L8 Canada
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