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talk x GENTEN

Creators' Lounge: talkGENTEN

The fourth talk x GENTEN will be held on Wednesday, June 11th and the theme is “To be myself… -Ways of Pursuing What You Like-”.
We are having Aki Abe, owner of Cosmos Records and Jessica Stuart, musician as our guest speakers. They will give you an idea of “Ways of Pursuing What You Like” in the event!

第4回talk x GENTEN(6月11日)は、カリスマ・レコードショップ『COSMOSレコード』オーナーの安部晃弘さんと、ロックに日本の琴を取り入れた斬新なサウンドが話題のミュージシャン、ジェシカ・スチュアートさん。音楽という共通項を持つお二人から、自分らしく、こだわりを持って生きるための秘訣を探ります。

OPEN: 6:00pm
START: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
PLACE: Japan Fondation, 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 213.

★Guest Profile★

■Aki Abe
He went to United states of America with his family when he was three years old due to his father’s job that is instruments company. He was eight year old, he immigrated to Canada. And then, he went to the Toronto University. Until he graduated, he scratched a lot of clubs in Toronto as DJ.
In 1998, he opened own record shop “Cosmos Records”.
In 2000, he opened own club, “Una Mas” which can gather 400 people in there with his partners, as well.There became the most popular club in Toronto, as lots of charismatic DJs around the world participated in there. while it closed four years, he did all of their work, such as booking artists etc…
Currently, he focus on working the “Cosmos records” without internet business. he lives great life as two kids’s father.

■安部 晃弘(あべ あきひろ)
楽器会社で働く父の仕事に伴い、3歳で家族とともに渡米。8歳の時にカナダへ移住する。その後、帰国する家族と離れ、トロント大学に進学。会計士の資格を取り、卒業後は3年間会計事務所で働きながら、トロントのクラブシーンでDJとして活躍する。98年、 Cosmos Recordsをオープン。2000年、パートナーとともに400人を収容するクラブ『Una Mas』をオープン。世界各国のジャズやソウルなどのカリスマDJが集い、トロントで最もアツいクラブとして注目を集める。クローズするまでの4年間、アーティストのブッキングから運営まで全てをこなす。
現在はCosmos Recordsに集中し、インターネットなどは使わず、Queen stにある2店舗でのみ販売を行っている。プライベートでは、2児の父として充実した生活を送っている。

■Jessica Stuart
Canadian musician
Jessica Stuart, Dan Fortin and Tony Nesbitt-Larking are the folk-jazz power trio, ‘The Jessica Stuart Few’. The band is one of the hottest groups to emerge from the Toronto indie folk scene. Jessica plays the traditional Japanese koto (13-string zither) with double bass (Dan Fortin), drums (Tony Nesbitt-Larking), vocals and guitar.
When she was 15 years old, Jessica picked up the guitar and started writing music, and it was a glimpse into her future career as a composer. As an elementary school student, Stuart lived in Japan for one year, during which time she began her koto studies. Aside fr

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Event Information

August 22, 2014
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Japan Fondation
131 Bloor Street West, Suite 213
toronto, M5S 3L7
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