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Join us at Print Gallery for the opening night of HARD KNOCKS STUDIO, Takenori (Take a.k.a. bamboo) Kikuta’s final exhibition in Canada before his return to Japan. Take has had a successful two and a half years working as an artist in Canada and would like to celebrate his achievements as he says goodbye to all of those who have helped support his ambition. So come out for drinks, entertainment, and a silent auction and help wish Take a happy return or simply enjoy some great artwork!

HARD KNOCKS STUDIO will be open at Print Gallery from Thursday, November 20th to Wednesday, the 26th. 

Opening Night : November 20th from 7:00pm – 11:00pm

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About the Artist:
Takenori Kikuta (Take a.k.a. bamboo) was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1985. He graduated from Tokyo’s Tama Art University in 2010 and was a Fine Arts teacher in Saitama, Japan. For 10 years, Take was a self-employed artist in Japan and gained recognition and achievements through various art competitions and client works. Since 2012, he has been working as a full-time artist in Toronto, Canada and successfully gained a large client base. He has also participated in a number of art competitions and exhibitions during his time in Toronto.

Artist Statement:
Take’s art is a mixture of graffiti and realism. The balance between the two varies depending on circumstances and what a client asks for – sometimes serious subjects, sometimes funny. Every painting its own story to tell, and each is open to interpretation because everyone’s individual experiences and perceptions will affect the story they see. Visually, Take’s paintings are in a range of styles, but it all comes from him. Ultimately, because his beginnings were not easy, Take wants his art to appeal to all generations.


A Note From the Artist:
When I arrived in Toronto, Canada, I tried to find a place where I could paint and make money from my art on the street, even though I couldn’t speak any English. I didn’t have any friends or connections, so I had to figure out how to survive here as an artist by myself.

This is my challenge in life.

Every day, I struggled to find something on the street. I learned how to make money and I picked up English from other buskers.

I hustled and struggled every day to become a famous artist here. The first time I made a sale on the street, I earned only $8, ONLY $8 even though I was trying to sell my art all day. But that $8 meant a lot, and I was really happy to get it that day. Some days I made less than 25 cents…

Yes, I walked a really tough road, but I learned many things that are difficult to realize in life. Also, I learned to appreciate and respect everything and everyone because of those hard lessons.

Some people have asked me “Why don’t you get another job? Then you won’t have to worry about money or your livelihood.”

You know why?

When I left my country, the goal I decided to aim for is to know how to survive in a foreign country as an artist. That goal has not changed, and still won’t even if I have to dig through garbage.

It’s been 2 years since I started off on the cold streets and I still survive as a full time artist to this day. This story is very real and I am the one writing it.

I finally decided I’m going to finish making my story in Canada, and I’ll be going back to my country. I really want to give thanks to everyone face-to-face before I leave.

Please come out and enjoy my last solo exhibition in Toronto!

Takenori Kikuta (Take a.k.a. bamboo→)

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Event Information

November 20, 2014
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Takenori Kikuta


160 Baldwin street, unit 3
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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