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Saturday, July 12th Lee’s Palace (529 Bloor St W) Doors 9pm $12 19+ www.leespalace.com

Five Alarm Funk Twelve-piece groove juggernaut playing original music inspired by Afro-Beat, Funk, Rock, Latin and Hip-Hop. www.fivealarmfunk.com

KC Roberts & the Live Revolution KCLR are proud purveyors of beautiful vintage music (funk, jazz, rock), with an artistic obligation to shift all that’s sacredly funky and soulful into the current phase of popular music (hip-hop, house, electronic, Drum n’ Bass). Essentially an original 8-pie


【Report / English】


Toronto’s summer is so short but Torontonians’ power to make the season a fulfilled time is extraordinary. Today, I’d like to introduce the band “KC Roberts and the Live revolution”(KCLR) which is one of the most notable band in Toronto.

They had published their new CD『PARKDALE FUNK 2 : SIDES』while continuously being active in live performances throughout the city. Now they have stretched their wings to take flight in having their music heard in Japan, having their new CD released in Tower Records in Tokyo.

Today, I went to their funk event at Lee’s Palace on Bathurst Toronto. I have been listening to their music on my portable player and through watching YouTube, but nothing could have blown me away than actually hearing them live. I now regret not knowing them earlier through their highly energetic performances.

The first was the sound of “Money Ways” that tore through the venue space. Their powerful yet casual sound had caught the attention of the crowd. Stable drums, bass and percussion, winds chords, and KC’s guitar and his voice, turns Lee’s Palace into a whole new world and makes people naturally dance. Over time, I knew clearly that the audiences were fascinated by theirs’ sounds. The overwhelming performance is one of the most major charms that could not be understood by just listening to their music through a portable player. This is the Live Band. When the Live goes climax, KC as front man requests the audience to respond to sing as a big chorus. I was able to see the evidence that they’ve been doing live performances for a long time in Toronto, which is their hometown.

It felt like only moments that their 90-minute set was already coming to an end, when they started to perform their last song, “Maria”. By this time, the fans are dancing madly on the floor, and I could see the audience listening with rapt attention. The audience coupled with KCLR while the bands drummer Chino’s solo came to a climax. His performance is like music itself.

Their performance ended with the entire audience cheering and applauding. Their sounds that express mixed culture and people will make Toronto’s summer night vividly. I hope to continue to watch their success.

Text by Tatsuki Nakata

【Report / Japanese】


トロントの夏が短いせいか、夏を待ちわびるトロントニアンのパワーは計り知れないものだ。そんな夏の夜長に花を添えたのが、今回ついに日本盤をリリースしたKC Roberts and Live Revolution(以下: KCLR)だ。2013年10月に『PARKDALE FUNK 2 : SIDES』を発表してから積極的なライヴ活動を行い、この度活動拠点をトロント、カナダから世界へと広げた、今トロントで最も注目されているバンドである。

今回足を運んだのは、トロントのBloor通りにあるLee’s Palaceで行われた、ファンク・イベントだ。彼らの音楽を音源や動画配信サイトでしか拝見していなかったのだが、今回彼らのパフォーマンスを見て、どうしてもっと早く彼らのことを知ることができなかったのだろうと後悔したほどだ。

観客が歓談するなか、突如として始まった“Money Ways”。力強くも軽快なサウンドは観客を引き込んだ。安定したリズム隊の上でブラスの和音が踊り、KCの奏でるギターと歌はLee’s Palaceの観客たちを踊らせた。セッション・バンドである故、インスト曲を織り交ぜた彼らのセット・リストが進むにつれ観客たちとKCLRの距離が縮まってゆくのが手に取るようにわかる。彼らの圧倒的なパフォーマンスは、音源ではわからなかった大きな魅力である。まさにライブバンドといって過言ではないだろう。



Text by Tatsuki Nakata

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Event Information

August 14, 2014
9:00 pm
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Lee’s Palace
529 Bloor St W
toronto, M5S 1Y4
+ Google Map
(416) 532-1598