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Thursday October 8th, 2015


Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing his sound who’s been greatly received in the international club scene.

Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing his sound who’s been greatly received in the international club scene.
It was the movie “WILD STYLE” that got him into hip hop in the early 80’s, and in 1987, he formed KRUSH POSSSE which made numerous appearances in various media as the best hip hop act in Japan.

KRUSH began pursuing his solo career after the break-up of the group in late 1991, and soon grabbed people’s attention as the first DJ to use turntables as live instruments, doing free sessions with live musicians on stage. Released his 1st album “KRUSH” in January 1994, and since then released countless records in Japan, Europe, US and around the globe. All his solo releases have ranked high in various charts in & out of Japan, and his 6th album “Zen” had been highly acclaimed and awarded the Best Electronica Album in 2002 AIFM Awards (US). His 8th album “jaku” released in late 2004 has topped the RPM chart of CMJ for 3 weeks in the US. In March 2006, he released his first best albums in self-remixed style, “STEPPING STONES” & , making another huge buzz around the globe. In March 2007, a historical collection of the 12 years of his career ” Suimou Tsunenimasu” was released in Japan in a special DVD box.

Aside from his outer national activities as producer, remixer and DJ, he constantly expands his field from soundtracks for films, TV dramas & commercials to live sessions with various musicians that transcends music genre.
In ’98 spring, he formed a production unit with DJ HIDE & DJ SAK, collaborating with Nigerian percussionists and releasing a single & album from Polydor Japan. From the end of the year 2000, he also got involved in project which will be launching various projects to question worldwide issues in the 21st Century. And from 2009, he joined Bill Laswell’s latest project along with artists such as Bernie Worrell and Toshinori Kondo.

An internationally acclaimed producer, remixer and a DJ, producing music in vast variety of fields such as films, TV dramas and commercials. He has done countless collaborations with artists transcending jenres, such as Grammy winning artist, from Black Thought (The Roots) _provided a track for his solo album, to Herbie Hancock and k.d. lang _provided remixes. In 2009, he scored an animation film entitled “FIRST SQUAD,” which was shown in theaters throughout Russia, and won the Kommersant Award in Moscow Film Festival.

And in 2011, he celebrated the 20th year of his solo career. He did serial anniversary projects including his long-awaited solo album and his 20th anniversary world tour.
As of now, he has performed in front of over 4 million audiences in 282 cities of 46 countries (in Feb 2011). And he still continues to renew this record, transcending all barriers, and leaving some distinctive footsteps of his own, achieving ever-increasing acclamation as an international artist.
September 26th 2015, he released his new album “Butterfly Effect”, which is his first album in 11 years! DJ Krush is a first person who made Japanese hiphop known in the world, and he is still playing a significant role in the scene of music.

1962年東京生まれ、サウンドクリエーター/DJ。1980年代初頭に公開された映画『ワイルド・スタイル』に衝撃を受け、ヒップホップに足を踏み入れ1987年にKRUSH POSSEを結成。日本を代表する実力派ヒップホップ・チームとして、様々なメディアで活躍。1992年の解散後はソロ活動を精力的に行い、日本で初めてターンテーブルを楽器として操るDJとして注目を浴びる。1994年に1stアルバム『KRUSH』をリリース。その後も、日本,ヨーロッパ,アメリカを中心に世界各地で多数の作品を発表。ソロ作品はいずれも国内外の様々なチャートの上位にランクインし、6thアルバム『漸-ZEN-』は、”インディーズのグラミー賞”といわれるアメリカのAFIMアワードにおいて特に芸術性の高い作品に贈られる”ベスト エレクトロニカ アルバム 2001″最優秀賞を獲得。2004年にリリースした8thアルバム「寂」では、CMJ(全米カレッジラジオ)RPMチャート(エレクトロニック系)で3週連続一位を獲得。2006年には自身による初のセルフリミックスベストアルバム「STEPPING STONES」〈lyricism〉と〈soundscapes〉を2枚同時リリースし、各方面から高い評価が寄せられている。また2007年には、これまでの12年間の足跡を記録したドキュメンタリーDVD BOX 「吹毛常磨」(すいもうつねにます)もリリースしている。

2009年には、ロシア全土で公開となったアニメ映画『FIRST SQUAD』の音楽全般を担当。同年のモスクワ映画祭に出展され、見事にコメルサント(Kommersant)新聞賞を受賞した。
また、その他の活動として、1998年よりDJ HIDE, DJ SAKを率いて、プロデューサー・ユニット<流-RYU->を結成。
<JAG PROJECT><METOD OF DEFIANCE>といったプロジェクトにも参加し、斬新な活動を展開している。

2011 年には、自身の本格的なソロ活動20 周年を迎え、毎月のマンスリー・シングルのリリースや、世界16カ国での20 周年ワールドツアーの敢行。
現在までに全46カ国、282都市、延べ400万人以上のオーディエンスを魅了 (2011年2月現在)。地域を越えて、多岐に渡り高い評価を得続けるインターナショナル・アーティストとして、今も尚、しっかりと独自の軌跡を残し続けている中、2015年9月26日に11年ぶりとなるニューアルバム『Butterfly Effect』を投下。日本のヒップホップを海外に知らしめた第一人者である彼の活躍ぶりは、まだまだ止まる所を知らない。


Tickets on sale now via: http://tktwb.tw/1NhUvGZ

For table reservations email reservations@codatoronto.com
Doors 10pm-5am | Kitchen open LATE!

CODA | 794 Bathurst Street, Toronto | 416.536.0346

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October 8, 2015 @ 10:00 pm
October 9, 2015 @ 5:00 am
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794 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3G1 Canada
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(416) 536-0346

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