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Sahara Morimoto


Sahara is a performing dance artist based in Toronto.
She is a dancer and an artistic associate with Peggy Baker Dance Projects since January 2008, and dances independently with various companies.

2008年よりPeggy Baker Dance Projectsにダンサー兼Artistic Associateとして所属する他、フリーランス・ダンサーとしても活躍している。

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About career as an artist

It’s a life style. I can continue to search for something deeper, because everything is in extension of what I truly care for.

Challenges as a Japanese artist living oversea

One of the most attractive thing about art is that there is no border. There are no need to catabolize one’s self as “Japanese artist”. Though I believe it’s important to know what influence toward work one may bring as a Japanese person, and to accept that. To acknowledge foundation of who you are can bring more honesty to what you create. I believe the importance is to bring forward one’s unique artistry, wherever you locate yourself.

Lastly, for those working towards dream abroad

To make your dream come true, continue to follow what interests you, and take care of all the practicals. If the process can be fulfilled, result will follow, in a way or another.