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RAW SKOOL has a meaning of “stylish school” and “stylish era.It is the first exchange project in Japan for the next generation through street culture such as skateboarding and break dancing.It offers various “opportunities” that will stimulate the next-generation’s sensitivity by conducting international exchanges, providing confortable places, and holding workshops through street culture. Based on this point of view, the RAW SKOOL is energetically doing its own media activity such as interviewing key persons around the world and introducing articles.

RAW SKOOLとは、「粋な学校」「粋な時代」の意で、ブレイクダンスやスケボーなどのストリートカルチャーを通じた、日本初の次世代交流プロジェクトです。ストリートカルチャーを通じた国際交流や居場所作り・ワークショップなどの活動を実施し、次世代の感性を刺激する多彩な「きっかけ」を提供しています。その観点のもと、世界中のキーパーソンへのインタビューや記事の紹介をする独自のメディア活動も盛んに行っています。


(FOUNDNATION, Japan) R16 2012 & 2013 Solo Champion

Raw Skool1+

About the RAW SKOOL

This organization is for children who are under age of 18. The RAW SKOOL stimulates children’s mind and do the activation of exchange through street culture.They have performed in both Japan and overseas for the aim to revitalize various communities. The collaborations are mainly with break dancers, but they also do it with wide variety of artists through many projects. For example, street artists, skaters, DJs, musicians. Basically, these events are led by RAW SKOOL.

Meaning to challenge overseas as a Japanese dancer

Basically, these events are led by RAW SKOOL. I think (challenging abroad) is really important and I know this is true for other fields as well. The most important thing that I think is to take a look at other worlds, and understand your own roots, and then return the differences between other countries and the things that you learned from abroad to Japan. There were two people who went outside Japan this time. I want them to have consciousness that they are going to lead the scene with their individual potential of experiencing overseas, which they brought back to Japan.

To people who are going to challenge abroad

“If you want to be real friends with players in overseas, you have to be a good player” This word is quote from a senior person. However, I’m not in a position to say this word, so I would like to just introduce it. It is a given fact that artists have skills. This is a teaching that if you want to do something, it is better to show it to many people and be influenced by stronger characters from others and let people say “that’s awesome!”.


I think “Community” and “Culture” are still not penetrated in Japan.Hopefully, younger generations can provide their feedbacks such as “awareness” and “differences” that they found overseas more and more to Japan.Some Japanese who are living in foreign countries run down Japan. However, I believe we all should look at the bright side and go toward it after understanding both strengths and weaknesses of Japan.


(K.A.K.B., Japan) Dance @ Live 2014 Japan Finalist

Raw Skool2+

○RAW SKOOLという団体に関して

おもに18歳以下の子供達を対象として、ストリートカルチャーを通じて刺激を与えたり、交流の活発化を行う団体です。活動は国内外で行っており、多岐に渡るコミュニティーの活性化を目指しています。ブレイクダンスが中心ですが、様々なアーティストともプロジェクトを通じてコラボを行っています。(ストリートアート、スケーター、DJ、ミュージシャンなど)基本的にイベントなどは、RAW SKOOL主体で行っています。







Raw Skool4+
CEO/Co- Founder
ABE “A.B.” Masaaki

岩手県出身。早稲田大学大学院(建築学)、博報堂、Summify(カナダ)を経て、フリーランス。ダンスチーム「BORN 2 FUNK」、国内、カナダ、オーストラリアで優勝。

From Iwate prefecture. Graduate school of architecture, Waseda university (Japan), Hakuhodo (Japan), Summify (Canada) and now is a freelance.Won a prize in Japan, Canada and Australia as a member of a dance team “ The BORN 2 FUNK”.