【 Event Report 】Roppongi Art Night 2015 in Tokyo

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By Creators’ Lounge Japan staff Tatsuki Nakata Tatsu

Hello world. This is Tatsu. Though I am not a regular, I would like to share my article on Japanese art and temporary culture.

As the Sakura blossoms fall, people begin to change their clothes to their spring collection. There are many events that start to appear during this time in Japan. Today, I would like to introduce “Roppongi Art Night 2015”.

Since 2009, “Roppongi Art Night” is the only night event that is organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Art Council Tokyo and Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee to spread Tokyo culture to the world. I guess it’s like the “Nuit Blanche” in Toronto and Montreal.

This years theme was named “Haru-wa Akebono”. Originally, this Japanese theme was partially quoted by an ancient Japanese peom called “Makurano Soushi” which describes the communications between human and nature. I think this theme really expresses the message that we should not forget our own natural sense. Nowaways, we are too carried away with contents in the social media and becuase of that, our senses are becoming lost. The term “Haru-wa Akebono” reflects the meaning of “the spring dawn is preferred anytime”.

When I enter the city of Roppongi, I could see many different types of arts. Most times I would see such arts in closed places like at a museum, so it was truly an unusual experience that I felt. A lot of the visitors themselves were very fashionable in the city of Roppongi, making it feel as though the entire city was the art itself for the “Roppongi Art Night”.

There are 2 main venues for this event which are in Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Mid-Town. Not only was it just installations of art works in the various locations, but there was also performance art works such as talk-sessions, dancing, singing, reading aloud and many more were held all at the same time. Each pieces were wonderful and beautiful. I only wished I had a body double to get to see all performances.

Each year takes place this “one night only” art festival – “Roppongi Art Night”.
I could see many visitors coming from overseas to experience this culture. It has got to be one of the fascinating art events in the world.
When you come to Japan next time, why don’t you join to experience yourself, “Roppongi Art Night”.

















今回ご紹介するのは「Roppongi Art Night 2015」です。

2009年から行われているこの「Roppongi Art Night」は東京都と東京歴史文化財団が主催で行っているイベントで東京の文化を発信することを目的とした一晩限りのアートのお祭りなんです。ToronntoやMontrealで行われているNuit Blancheみたいですよね。





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