DJ Krush Live Report: The night can be said as “Butterfly Effect”

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DJ Krush Live Report:
The night can be said as “Butterfly Effect”
Report by CL Staff Ayaka

On the rainy night of October 8th, which reminded me his 20th anniversary monthly single series, DJ Krush was in the club CODA, and he made a breathtaking live to us.

His play started with heavy sounds after midnight. He connected music one by one so nicely, peppered with his DJ technique. His setup list had up and down, and it would rather to say “CLUB 『DJ Krush』.” Basically, in a club, DJs make atmospheres which make people to dance, to chill, to drink and so on. At the night, DJ Krush exactly did the same thing in his live playing. He developed his world that controlled us completely. Music he made through the live had significant impact on us. Moreover, what cannot be forgotten to mention is his technique. At the beginning, audience simply shouted out, but as the party went on, some of them got curious about how he made these sounds so that they came to in front of the stage and watched at him. Their faces were like “What’s going on?!”

I thought what he showed us at that night is a kind of proof that he has continued DJ play in the club for over 20 years. It is safe to say that he is savvy to play music with his instrument, that is a turn table. However, I felt still he challenges even in the live. In one interview, he said “I have one form in my mind, but I cannot properly make its form in real yet.” He keeps doing an “experiment”, and I guess he will continue till he dies. He showed us his bunch of experience in his DJ life, and at the same time we could feel his continuous challenge to music.

“Arigato (“Thank you” in Japanese) Krush!” After his playing, the audience shouted out. He answered our encores once, and his over 2 hours performance finished. His new album 『Butterfly Effect』 was released on September 26th in the world. And also CD and iTunes versions are going to come out on October 29th. It is a his first album in 11 years. Do not miss it!

10月8日、彼の20周年マンスリーリリースの曲を思わせるような雨が降る夜、DJ KrushはクラブCODAにて感動的なライブを私たちに披露してくれた。

彼のライブは深夜を過ぎた頃に重低音と共に始まった。DJテクニックを至るところに散りばめながら、一曲一曲をうまくつなぎ合わせていく。セットアップリストは緩急があって、もうなんなら「クラブ『DJ Krush』」と言うような感じだった。基本的に、クラブではDJたちが客を踊らせたり、chillさせたり、バーカウンターに向かわせたりする様々な雰囲気を創り出す。その夜、Krushはライブにてそれと同じ事をやってのけたと思う。つまり、彼は彼の世界を創り出し、完璧に私をコントロールしてしまったのだ。ライブを通して彼が織り成した音楽は莫大な影響を私たちに与えたのだ。さらに、触れておかねばならないのは彼のテクニックだろう。当初はオーディエンスも“単に”盛り上がっていたが、ライブが進むにつれて、どうやって彼がこんな音楽を創り出しているのかという好奇心に駆られてステージの際まで来て彼を見つめている人が何人もいた。彼らの顔は「何が起こってるんだ?!」っていうような感じだった。


「ありがとうKrush!」彼のプレイが終わると、みんながこう叫んだ。彼はアンコールに一回応えてくれて、彼の二時間を超えるライブは幕を閉じた。Krushの新しいアルバム『Butterfly Effect』は9月26日に世界中で解禁になった。CDやiTunesは10月29日に発売開始予定。これは必聴だ!

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