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By Creators’ Lounge staff Mattieau St.Cyr


This part of the process is where most people fall off. Remember that thing that I mentioned up at the top of this post about conversion of ideas happening in a series of little actions? This is where
that comes into play. If we can remember along the road that getting ideas out doesn’t really come together at once, this will help with the side of things pertaining to patience. It’s easy to try and then immediately not hit the mark. In fact that’s quite common. The way to become persistent is to understand and accept that everything racks up. Like an RPG the experience is built up in tiny chunks and those small bits will eventually allow you to unlock different skills. Sometimes the information and inspiration that you’ve got sparking things won’t be usable instantly. That’s OK.

Sometimes your ideas will be far ahead of your current technical skill level, and you’ll have to tuck away or possibly revisit those concepts. That’s also OK.

Your attempts at communicating creatively will be many, if you allow it. Over time and with deliberate planned practice, the conversion from concept to creation will become much more fluid.
Above all though, the most important step of all is…


You must simply start.

Thoughts are great, but without moving you will never get anywhere. Once you’re moving, this allows for momentum to build. Once you have momentum, it’s harder to be stopped.

Become unstoppable.



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