Both Sides Now and The Circle Game

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By Creators’ Lounge staff Yuko Yamaguchi – Anna –

When going to a foreign country,
It is in my deepest interest of the trip to go to the place where that musician was inspired to write that particular music.

Out of all the wonderful Canadian musicians,
today I would like to write about Joni Mitchell.

She was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada and is a musician and painter.
Her musical career started off as a folk musician in Toronto in the 60’s.

It reminds me of the time when Miyuki Hatakeyama who is the vocalist of Double Famouse and Port of Notes,
and Yukiko Hayashi, the vocalist of Choro Azul said that their favorite and respected musician is Joni Mitchell.

I was still a student back then when the two most influencial musicians at the time,
mentioned that they were influenced by Joni Mitchell, I had to listen.
She is truly a singer who writes genuine lyrics and sings them with a genuine voice.
This may be a historical background of the time of my youth.
As a student, her songs led me venture out to the distant foreign countries,
and chase dreams that I would not have imagined before.

And now, here I am listening to her songs in Toronto, Canada. I cannot be happier.

There are many people who comes from foreign countries to look for something in Canada.
Someone can put oneself on her lyrics,
and her lyrics can give someone like a small light to be able to go to the forth …such a music.

It goes without saying this is her very famouse song “Both Sides Now”.

(It’s from CBC television show “The Way It Is” in 1968.)

“I’ve looked at love from both sides now”
“From give and take and still somehow”

“I’ve looked at life from both sides now”
“From win and lose and still somehow”

What a simple and straight.
So these meaning can come into our heart.

”The Circle Game” is wonderful song also.

On the day when it’s completely fine,
it’s covered all by a cloud and continue to snow like today,
I wanna keep on listening to her songs.


今日は、”Joni Mitchell” のことを書きたい。

カナダ アルバータ州フォート・マクラウド出身である彼女。

Double Famouse や Port of Notes ボーカリストの畠山美由紀さん、
choro azul のボーカリストであった林夕紀子さんが、
よく聴くミュージシャンの名にJoni Mitchell を挙げていたのを思い出す

大学生だった私にとって、とても憧れのお二人がそこまで絶賛する”Joni Mitchell ”、



あまりにも有名な「Both Sides Now (青春の光と影)」。




後半の”The Circle Game”も素晴らしい。



Yuko Yamaguchi – Anna –

bucolic design / Art director, Designer, Illustrator

Creators’ Lounge / Designer


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